new year: new blog: new beginnings

I began 2010 on a positive note by viewing Wired to Win at the Museum of Science and Industry with Dave on New Year’s Day.  The film explores in vivid Imax imagery how the brain of a cyclist works regarding the physical and mental challenges of competing in/finishing/winning a race (specifically the 100th Tour de France).  It is truly amazing exactly how much control our minds have over our physical bodies!

Being a successful cyclist depends a lot on natural ability, training, nutrition, but what really separates people in a race is in the mind: how we deal with and respond to pain, stress and obstacles, whether we can control our emotions and know how/when to employ tactics…

Upon entering my third season racing and riding I know that I still have a lot to learn but these perpetual challenges are what I love about mountain biking.  There are so many things to constantly think about while riding—which gear to choose and when, body position, balance, choosing lines, when to eat/drink, being alert for surprises—it’s overwhelming to consider every single little factor that goes into just riding a trail section.

Somehow all of these elements actually provide a release for me where I feel like I can shut off my mind to everything but what’s ahead of me on the trail.  More often than not I feel happier during and after a ride..  Mountain biking and cycling in general is something I truly love and it is a huge part of my life; bikes are how I commute, my job at the shop depends on them and I ride for enjoyment.  I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming season and taking my abilities to the next level!


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