I am incredibly happy and excited to announce that I will be racing mountain bikes and cyclocross for Mafia Racing‘s national pro team in 2010!  I met some of the Colorado-based team members at the WORS Subaru Cup last year and I was fortunate enough to spend some time with them at Nationals.

It was my first time riding out west..at altitude, on mountains..and they were totally kind to pre-ride the course with me and calm my nerves.  Not many people from the midwest were there and Mafia instantly welcomed me and my dad, who went from knowing nothing about mountain bike racing to meeting all the big names!  A few team members convinced me to enter the National Championship Super D instead of the short track and taught me how to descend a mountain.  I finished third in my age group, gained a lot of confidence after that experience and am forever grateful!

ready to pre-ride the course in Granby, CO

Super D podium!

2009 XC Nationals photos

2009  Super D Nationals photos

I feel like I fit extremely well with Mafia and the team’s creed:

“To build a healthy positive change in the communities in which we participate, to always declare ourselves under all circumstances, and to always follow through with our progressive ideas!”

I know that this season will bring even better things and I am so lucky to be connected to such a talented and wonderful team!

also, I received my first Professional/UCI mountain and cross license:

I am a nerd but I was so excited when this came in the mail this week.  I can’t wait until I can put it some good use!


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