I didn’t really intend to commute on my tubulars the other morning but it proved to be a surprisingly good choice on the fresh snow!  My Tufo Primus tires performed beautifully (even better than on grass) and I felt totally secure at speed, even with my messenger bag and winter boots.  Though I didn’t get a chance to race cross in the snow this year, I have confidence for the wintry future with this set-up!

I had a great time riding in the soft snow and was tempted to ride past the bike shop and do a lake loop…but as a significant part of the staff is on vacation for a month+, someone has to work!

Though snow and ice keep things interesting, I am getting pretty anxious to build up the new bike and really start riding some trails.  I have a cycling vacation to look forward to next month and before I know it, it will be time to race…

This winter I’ve enjoyed using a PowerTap(SL+) for the first time and it actually makes me look forward to riding the trainer and track my progress.  Training has been going well so far (considering it’s the first time I’ve attempted any sort of training) and I am pleased with my numbers.

For the time being, Dave being the wonderful boyfriend he is, is going to teach me how to build some wheels:


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