I did the unthinkable…

..and rode the trainer this weekend.  I know the weather was gorgeous and the nicest it’s been ALL year, but spring cleaning took over and for some reason I wanted to stay at home.  It was actually nice to spend some time at home for once…even though whenever I ride the trainer I see Dave EATING..sometimes he sleeps..

Last night the temperatures dropped a LOT and when I finally got outside for a morning ride before work it looked like this:

It was in the twenties but of course I still saw multiple runners wearing shorts!  I do not understand that at all as my knees only hurt when running in the cold.  Even when cycling I try to keep them covered if it’s below 60 degrees…to each his own.

Anyway after another winter of bike commuting I have acclimated and don’t mind riding in cold weather.  I’m closer to perfecting the art of dressing for it on the bike, but I am certainly getting anxious to ride some trails!  I can tell spring is near because I’ve been hearing birds in the mornings.

Aside from cycling I have been thinking a lot lately about my friend Lindsey, who passed away a month ago from liver cancer.  She was only 25 and such a strong, incredible person.  Lindsey was a wonderful friend and I was lucky to share some art classes and unforgettable experiences with her in college.  HERE is a really nice article about her life…

Lindsey Wasley Lewis

I have had a lot going on and have been pretty stressed out lately, but I constantly remind myself to put things into perspective, not take anything for granted and appreciate everything I have in my life.  It is important to enjoy every day.


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