I felt the hate!

My plans for a full H8TR recon on Thursday with Dave were shifted to a hilly road ride so I decided to head out on my own Friday afternoon. I left the shop just as the clouds came rolling in.  The unfinished portion has a lot more rocks than I remembered, a bunch of small dead things and some big holes to look out for.  It also has thorns and branches that will slap you and make your shins bleed.  Once on the gravel the trail conditions are very, very fast…hard to believe that only a few days ago it was a power sucking trail of slush and misery!

This was the first time I’ve ridden the trail this season on something other than slicks but I imagine those would be fine for the gravel sections.  As I approached the tunnel, the wind picked up, the temperatures dropped a ton and it began to rain.  All of the ice is completely gone and the conditions near the tunnel are pretty sloppy.  The empty bottles of Faygo along the trail led me to believe that the sounds inside the tunnel were from juggalos and not pigeons, so I did not go inside..

Yesterday I enjoyed my first day off work in TWO weeks…that’s what happens when one works in a seasonal industry and spring strikes suddenly!  I am happy that people are excited about cycling though.  The bike shop has had a stellar start to the year so hopefully that continues.

Best of all my frame is set to arrive this week!!!  Just in time to ride some trails if the weather cooperates and ONE week until my first race…


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