Cane Creek/ Trace Ridge; Laurel Mt. fail

On Thursday Dave and I had the chance to tour Cane Creek and go on a road ride over lunch with some of the guys.  Cane Creek is a great company with many progressive business practices and it was cool to see the in-house production and CNC machine.  The ride was really fun though I was beginning to regret having the 11-23 cassette (it was free from a friend..maybe I understand why).  Every ride out here is straight up a steep, long climb and right back down again.  The scenery is totally worth it though!  After our road ride we took our friend Chris’ advice and ate at the Blue Sky Cafe to prepare for a mountain bike ride in Pisgah.  Check it out if you’re in Fletcher, NC!

From the Mills River trailhead, we climbed up to Spencer Gap to descend Trace Ridge.

looking back on Spencer Gap

Trace Ridge is a 2,000 descent over 2 miles and a lot of fun!  Here is what it looks like at the bottom:

a small series of whoops (kind of hard to tell)

me being a fool

I was told that Trace Ridge is being closed for logging soon…I hope it’s not true, but if so, I’m really glad we were able to experience two hours of riding around it!

It seems that President Obama had the same idea as us and is in Asheville for vacation with his family this weekend.  Traffic was halted for his convoy:


He is the 16th president to vacation in Asheville!

On Friday after some errands we finally made our way in the heart of Pisgah to Yellow Gap in order to climb Laurel Mountain and descend Pilot Rock.  Dave was ready and looked good in his perfectly matching set-up:

I dented my frame and wheels on this trail last year (somehow without actually riding the bike) and I hoped for a better showing.  This is a super fun and challenging trail to ride!  Here are some pics from last year:

Pilot Rock descent

Pilot Rock rock garden

Laurel was in great shape and all was well until I made a foolish last-minute decision to bail over a large log.  I couldn’t unclip and tipped over, bashing my knee on the log in the process.  I was fine, but what made me upset was realizing that I still couldn’t unclip because I had torn the sole off my shoe.  In any other circumstance I would have continued riding, but there isn’t much to do when your shoe is broken and you’re in the middle of the woods!  We had only made it about halfway up Laurel, so it wasn’t too far to hike/coast back down to Yellow Gap.    Luckily that was my only crash on the trip and I have another pair of shoes.

We’ll just have to return and give the trail a proper try…


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