better late than never…

Believe it or not, this week I finally completed a class that’s been hanging over my head for FIVE years, and three years after walking in the graduation ceremony at the UW I will actually get my diploma!  I wish things had happened a bit differently, but the past is over.  In all honesty, if I had graduated on time it’s very likely that I would never have discovered mountain biking, something that has dramatically changed my life in a very good way…

I am looking forward to a fun weekend of WORS racing up north (wow, those two weeks flew by!) and am feeling better than I have in a while–mentally and physically: the poison ivy I picked up in North Carolina has finally disappeared, my allergy suffering seems to be even more under control with all the rain (I’m probably the only one who was happy with the weather), and I’m getting better day by day at managing my stomach issues/stress–yes it’s been a challenging month.

There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything!  On top of preparing for graduation, I’ve been super busy at work and home, finalizing some big race plans, including my first UCI race (ever) in two weeks!  Training’s been going well and the new PowerTap is pretty sweet!  I’m definitely learning a lot from using it and staying motivated.

For now, all I have to worry about is the Hodag:

maybe it will all sink in after the weekend…


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