short but sweet

Since I have to miss Dave’s birthday this upcoming weekend, we celebrated early with a group camping and mountain bike trip at Levis-Trow in central Wisconsin.  I really needed a chance to relax after being sick all week after Rhinelander…I guess everything I’ve been doing and stressing about finally caught up with me.

Levis-Trow mound is one of the few IMBA Epics in the midwest and has some of my favorite trails ever: Cliffhanger, Sidewinder and Switchback.  If you follow the Epic trails, you will climb 3000′ over 30 miles.  We made up our own routes yesterday and rode nearly every trail in the system over several hours and loops.  Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures because I was enjoying the riding so much, but here are a couple from an overlook:

If you ever get the chance, definitely check out Levis-Trow!  WEMS puts on a great race there too.  A lot of the trails wind up and down the mound and you will find yourself riding on the narrow edges of rocky, sandy cliffs with a few bridge crossings.  We didn’t see any porcupines this time, but they live in the caves lining the trails.  The weather was beautiful the whole time and I got some good practice riding hard in the heat and humidity..hopefully the race in Austin this weekend won’t be such a shock to the system!  The bike was a pleasure to ride as always and I feel 100% again!

It was a short trip, but proved to be exactly what the six of us needed.  We had a chance to chill by the lake in between rides, checked out the new skills course next to our campsite, had an amazing feast by the fire..I went into a food coma after dinner and missed out on the midnight ride, but everyone who went had a blast!  Such is life that I had to return to work today, but half of the group finished out the weekend of awesomeness with an afternoon of riding at the Human-Powered Trails in La Crosse.  I’ve never been, but it will be a good plan for the next mini-vacation.

Now to prepare for a longer trip to Texas in a few days and a chance to ride with the big girls at the Mellow Johnny’s ProXCT!  Should be a fun learning experience!


3 thoughts on “short but sweet

  1. Excuse me, but I believe that is MY can of beer you’re holding. I had one that looked just like it and now I can’t find it.


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