race report: WORS #4 Sunburst Showdown

well, the Sunburst Showdown wasn’t much of a showdown….as with the first two WORS races I trained through this one.  On top of cycling I have two jobs and a lot of big things going on (though I did get to see every Blackhawks game and VICTORY!).  I was pretty stressed out Sunday morning and unfortunately racing was the last thing on my mind.  However, I felt better when we arrived at the venue, as it had been a month since my last WORS race and I really enjoy the company and the series!

It had rained a lot last week and before the race I had a hard time deciding which wheels to use.  Without the rain the course was perfect for my tubulars, but the tires on my other wheelset were more ideal for the slick and sticky mud.  However, the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs never disappoint!  Plus they were already set up on my bike and I didn’t want to waste any time.  I warmed up on the road and lined up still feeling a little stiff from my efforts leading up to the race…

At the start, I let Abby and Lisa lead and with Robin we broke away from the field before the first climb.  I kept a good even pace through the climb and felt great.  Robin came around before the open sections and we started to fall off the pace.  I didn’t want to lose Abby and Lisa so soon but wasn’t aggressive enough to pass Robin right away.  I encouraged her and tried to make a plan to work with her to bridge the gap.  When I came around to take a pull I glanced back and she was gone.  I was disappointed but tried to keep the pace up.

climbing the hill….

photo: Jared Brodjeski

means you get to descend!

photo: XTR Photo

It might come as a shock but it turns out that it is really hard to catch people that are working together.  Sunburst is a very difficult course to make up time on people as there is really no rest except in the tiny stretch of singletrack on the hill.  I could see the leaders through the chicanes and was told I was 20, then 30 seconds back for almost the whole race.  I hate to admit it but I think I got a little lazy in the humidity and just kept a good hard pace the whole time…I actually really enjoyed the course, though I am better suited for more technical trails.  Unfortunately I think I enjoyed it a bit too much and never felt like I was really pushing it anywhere near 100%.  That was very clear at the finish, where I finished a few minutes back in third.

Even still, I was pleased with the result and it was good to see everyone again!  This weekend I am actually not racing, though I’m getting really excited for the Subaru Cup ProXCT next weekend!  The new kits are finally on the way and a bunch of my teammates are coming for it.  Looking forward to meeting them and the Pro ladies again!


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