This past weekend I did not race at all and spent an early Father’s Day back in IL visiting the families.  Dave and I went to his cousin’s wedding at a pumpkin farm and it was very unique and so much fun

It was a short trip but I really enjoyed it.  I always wish I could spend more time with everyone back at home!

Over the past month I have been able to ride my mountain bike TWICE: in Texas and at the last WORS race.  I’ve spent lots of quality time with my road bike and have really enjoyed the amazing road riding that Wisconsin has to offer.  However, the lack of dirt was starting to get to me.  Between a crazy schedule and tons of rainstorms and tornadoes, the trails have been inaccessible!

I was beginning to feel a bit discouraged but everything changed for me mentally when I surprised myself with a power test on Sunday…I beat my old record by quite a bit!  I am really grateful that I have a PowerTap to train with this year, as it has provided a lot of motivation and focus for me.  It’s been a wonderful training tool as I do not have a coach and have never trained for cycling before…thanks CycleOps!

This week has flown by so far and I am getting really excited for the Subaru Cup ProXCT this weekend!  The course at Mt. Morris is one of my favorites in the WORS series and I will get a chance to meet some of my teammates for the first time.  We have some pretty sweet accomodations and it will be nice to mix up the weekend with the Super D and Short Track on Sunday.  Moreover, the American women are currently the best in the world and what more could I want than to share their company?

I am so happy that the midwest is getting some recognition on the national scene and that WORS will host such a high-caliber event (the first UCI mountain bike race in WI in ten years!).  Don and everyone working at WORS does such a tremendous job organizing races.  I hope a ton of people show up because it will be a great time!


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