red, white and Blue Mounds

Blue Mound State Park is one of my favorite places to ride on the road (featuring 16-18% grade climbs), but it is also home to the most technical and challenging trails in Southern Wisconsin.  Overlode begins with a series of anaerobic climbs up the mound and eventually leads to Holy Shist, which  is packed of rocks, boulders and roots.

The Crux Climb is pretty typical of the trails at Blue Mound:

There really aren’t any easy sections and this is a great place to work on skills.  The Capital Off-Road Pathfinders have done a fantastic job building and maintaining these trails!

I had the pleasure of riding here Saturday as the rain finally held off and the trails were actually open!  It seems like it is always wet there, so having access to the trails is usually the biggest obstacle.   I was pretty exhausted after the ride but had so much fun I went back with Dave on Sunday to do it all over again.

I had a great 4th of July weekend off from racing with my fitness tested and skills sharpened for the upcoming WORS race at Eau Claire!

If you are ever west of Madison, definitely check out Blue Mounds for the wonderful views and riding opportunities.  Plus you can treat yourself to the Grumpy Troll in Mount Horeb:


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