in limbo…

I have not written a lot about riding my bike lately because there hasn’t been much of that since Nationals…Since returning to Wisconsin I’ve been working as much as possible, packing and planning the move, sleeping in a friend’s basement…  Last weekend Dave and I drove to Asheville with a load of boxes and after a long search, finally signed a lease!  Dave found a wonderful job and I am still looking.  After a rough start, it looks like things are slowly starting to work themselves out in a strange but positive way.

We are enjoying one last week in Wisconsin and I think it will take a while for everything to sink in.  The fact that I am moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains still doesn’t seem real to me.  Our friends and families have been incredibly supportive and that’s meant a LOT!  I am going to miss everyone in Madison, WORS, the midwest, but I am looking forward to giving my racing a real chance and reconnecting with art.  I absolutely can’t wait to see my mountain bike again and am very motivated for the last few mountain bike races and lots of cross!


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