I haven’t disappeared!

I’m back to the blogging world in the midst of the whirlwind that is Moving Across the Country…

Everything happened really quickly but Dave and I made it safely to Asheville after a drive that felt like eternity.  I regret that I don’t have pictures, but I piloted the 16′ box truck the entire way!  The mountains were a bit tough but in general the big truck was surprisingly easy to drive.

I was spoiled in Madison where it was usually easier to commute by bike, often away from traffic, and a result, I hadn’t driven much in over three years!  Asheville has endless riding opportunities (all of which are pretty amazing on and off-road!), but the city streets are narrow and the drivers are…different.  Everything is pretty spread out, so I had no choice but to learn driving stick here.  I still commute by bike whenever possible…hopefully soon I’ll have a job to commute to!

Not having a job yet means I’ve been able to ride my bikes a LOT–finally!  Western North Carolina is truly a cycling paradise and the views on every ride leave me amazed.  It’s certainly been a wake-up call to jump into Pisgah and half-hour+ road climbs.  I am feeling good on the bike and hope to become stronger than ever!

Thanks to the good people at Pro Bikes I am returning to racing tomorrow as part of a team in the Tsali Challenge.  I am looking forward to it and it should be a great time!


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