climbing up to the trailhead...

I mentioned before that I’ve been able to enjoy a lot of amazing riding lately and though I’m terrible at documenting my time on the bike (I’m usually just enjoying riding), I did manage to get in a few pictures over the past couple of weeks of some of my favorites.  The picture above is on a four mile fire road climb leading to Squirrel Gap.  I am definitely getting in a lot of climbing practice here!

Squirrel Gap itself does not have the killer climbing typical of Pisgah (think “Good Enough Gap,” “Heartbreak Hill”…these trails deserve their names!) it is one of the most technical trails and the whole thing is like a skills course.

There are plenty of rocks and creek crossings:

and more roots than you’ll ever care to see:

Fortunately the climbs lead to awesome descents on Laurel Creek…Just make sure to avoid Bradley Creek, unless you like 15 creek crossings!

My favorite trail so far has been Kitsuma in the Black Mountains east of Asheville.  I couldn’t take any pictures as it begins with about a dozen steep switchbacks up several miles, then dumps you out on Youngs Ridge, a descender’s paradise.

Now I just need to get one of these:

FELT 2011 Virtue LTD

This past Sunday Dave and I decided to spend some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We rode through Candler from West Asheville to climb the Pisgah Highway up to the parkway near the summit of Mt. Pisgah (5721′).

Here is Dave showing off the new Team Magnus kit and pointing at a shack he wants to buy:

I do not want to live in a shack, but I’d love to move out here in the country and build a pump track along a Cat. 1 climb…

We circled the French Broad Basin and Asheville.  Here I am before our second major climb to Town Mountain Road:

HERE is a link to our route with elevation profile.  Roughly 100k and 4675 ft. of climbing.  ouch!

I got to nerd out and play around with the CycleOps Joule:

I love the Servo head unit with a Powertap, but the built-in Power Agent, backlight and altimeter bring the Joule to another level!

I’ve had a lot of fun in Bent Creek as well, getting my upgraded cross bike dialed in on the fire roads and singletrack; loving that the trails are 15 min. from my house.  Last week’s practice CX race got me pumped for cross and racing again!  I am very much looking forward to Chequamegon this weekend followed by the Planet Bike Cup USGP’s.  Where did summer go?


2 thoughts on “N.C. LIVIN’

  1. I understand 50% of the technical words in this post, but I adore seeing you in action, as well as getting a glimpse of that N.C. scenery. You rock!


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