race report: USGP Derby City Cup

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot to report on as far as racing went this past weekend.  Dave and I drove halfway to Louisville after work on Friday and found the most amazing hotel room for under $50!  Everything was going great until I developed a fever and chills in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep well.  We headed out on the road bright and early to get to the venue in time for his race…

This year’s Derby City Cup was held at Eva Bandman Park, which will be the same venue for the Cyclocross World Championships in 2013!  I felt marginally better pre-riding the course (which was challenging, a lot of fun and definitely suited me well), fueling up on Bob’s Red Mill steel-cut oats and meeting up with the Louisville team.  There were almost forty women registered and I drew a great starting number from the box.  I didn’t feel sick as I started the race, but it was very clear that something was wrong from the beginning.  I had absolutely no power and couldn’t stay with anyone that I usually race with.

Here I am, wondering where the race ahead of me just went:

photo: Lyne Lamoureux/http://www.podiuminsight.com

I got pulled for the first time in a cross race (to be fair, the laps were short and Georgia was just destroying the field), and to my surprise, I was not totally off the back.

Fortunately Dave and I had a great night that made up for the disappointing day: we had a really wonderful team dinner and met my teammate Mitchell’s parents, who were the best hosts ever!  Louisville is a pretty cool city and I’m so glad that we had a chance to explore it a little bit.

We were up bright and early again on Sunday for Dave’s race and he had a great performance, riding the run-up and once again picking up 100 spots in the huge 2/3’s field.  For some reason Dave likes to start behind 150 people in cross races…

I was feeling pretty exhausted even with over ten hours of sleep and attempted to pre-ride the course.  It was even more fun; sadly my body was rebelling.  I had to make the tough decision to listen to my body and not start.  It was really hard to do that in front of everyone from Bob’s Red Mill, but I didn’t want to risk sacrificing the rest of my season for one race.  On our six hour drive back to Asheville I was feeling pretty rough and knew I made the right decision.

Now I’m taking it easy for a bit and hoping to feel better soon….Thanks so much to everyone at Bob’s Red Mill for the awesome dinner, wonderful products, friendship and support!


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