“snowmaggedon”…Asheville style

It’s snowing in Asheville…which means that the city basically shuts down and no one is out on the roads.  Pretty different from winter in Madison! Dave and I rode around town  last night, and again this morning, alone and it was so nice.  The biggest thing I miss about moving here is the lack of bike paths and lanes…there are few sidewalks,  roads are narrow and the city is suited best for driving.  On a daily commute to work I often see people walking or riding bikes on the highways.  I ride a lot more on the trails as they are so accessible (year-round!), but my daily city riding has been significantly diminished.  Commuting by car has been a strange adjustment, as I didn’t even have a car for years in Madison.  Riding my bike took more time and planning, but it was cheap, and gave me a lot of freedom and clarity at the same time… I hope to find that again soon!

I’ve been off work for the winter season and have had finally had time to really settle in to my new city.  I’ve been here for almost 5 months, but most of that time was spent driving 100 miles every day to and from work and racing out of town on the weekends.  With my new found time, I’ve been planning, training well for the new season and trying to relax…something I don’t do very often.  For a couple of months I get to sample the life of a pro…too bad it’s a few months too early!

I’m enjoying the snow rides for now and looking forward to next week when it will melt and I can mountain bike again..and RACE?!?  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and having four seasons; I just don’t like -20 degree weather or six months with icy snow and no sun…

I hope the new year is off to a good start for everyone!

winter wonderland....


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