best February ever

Save for my birthday, I usually dread February as it is always the coldest, cloudiest, most difficult month; when winter seems like it will never end…

This year was quite different though.  The plastic covering my windows has peeled off, flowers are beginning to bloom and the rainy sidewalks were covered with worms today.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it snows again, but winter seems to be but a distant memory.  This February I rode outside quite often and for the first time, comfortably!

hello spring....

In the past week or so I did a night ride with the good people from I-9 at Kitsuma.  The switchbacks have been smoothed out and it is no longer an accomplishment to clean everything on the climb, but the ride is still lots of fun.  We watched the sunset at the peak and descended the ridge into the dark.  It was a lot darker for me as my light died after about a minute!  I had to just point my bike where I thought it should go and hoped that it was the right direction.  The moon was on my side and I was kind of glad that the roots were gone on what used to be the crazy drop!  It certainly made me trust my skills but I wish I could have descended faster…

back at the trailhead

The weather’s been gorgeous lately.  I had my first ride of the year in shorts and a jersey climbing up and over Elk Mountain and down Ox Creek..this was a good sign to see!


Yesterday Dave and I rode Bennett Gap for the first time and it was a blast!  I don’t think I have ever done a descent with so many drop-offs in a row!  I didn’t attempt the “Devil’s Staircase” at the top, but cleaned everything else, bouncing down the mountain on my hardtail with my saddle under my stomach; I’d love to try it again on a true trail bike!  And now I should never be afraid of big drops…

in front of Looking Glass Rock

(actually very steep)

I have spent a lot of time at Bent Creek as well because it is so close (15 min. at most).  Though nothing crazy like Pisgah, the trails are fun and I’m enjoying hitting the little jumps and berms.  This makes me happy and thankful to live in Asheville…


five points, Bent Creek

My training has been going well; in a month my power improved 5% so it seems like I am right on track.  I am also working hard on the training/wellness aspects off the bike…I have had a lot going on and have been under a lot of stress lately (hence the lack of posts), and the bike has been a refuge for me to clear my mind, especially on the trails.


I have made sure to enjoy time off the bike as well; though I have never been a fan of celebrating Valentine’s Day, Dave surprised me with a fancy dinner, drinks and a mini-vacation overnight at a B&B in Black Mountain.  It was a perfect getaway and the nicest gift I’ve ever received!  A week later I celebrated my birthday by seeing Glitch Mob and Bassnectar at the Asheville Civic Center with some friends.  I felt “old” for the first time, but the shows were incredible and I had a ton of fun.  This past weekend was full of mountain biking, the annual Bike Love party presented by Asheville on Bikes, and an adventure at the monthly J.Crew warehouse sale–fun but terrifying–give women (waiting in line for blocks) garbage bags and let them loose in a warehouse of bins of clothing…um, yeah.

And like that, it’s March!  I don’t care what the woolly worm says–as far as I’m concerned, winter is over!


One thought on “best February ever

  1. What a great way to sum up living in Asheville and especially this past month. Hopefully you will stay as long as your spirit and soul need


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