Town Mountain Hill Climb TT/CYMBL

To try something different, I competed in my first (road) time trial on Friday night.  The 29th edition of this race started near downtown Asheville and basically went straight up the mountain for five miles.  Here is the COURSE PROFILE.

I got in a great warm-up and arrived for my call-up on the line.  After waiting for what seemed like a very long time I was off!


5 miles to go up Town Mountain... (photo: Christopher Graphics)

It was roughly 20 minutes long and a great power test opportunity, so that’s how I treated it.  The first 1.5 miles were the steepest and it was difficult to monitor the effort, but I did my best.  Though I was familiar with the climb before the race, it felt much harder this time!

eyeing the switchbacks (photo: Christopher Graphics)

Right before the finish a man was sitting at a table, wearing a shirt almost identical to the USAC official’s!  It threw me off for a second and I threw in an early surge (I must have been getting tired); luckily the real finish was just around the corner.

Once I crossed the line I knew that my effort was all I had that day (after a rough week of feeling less than 100%), but also that I could have done better .  I was a bit disappointed, but encouraged that I still set a new power record; 12.5% better than the beginning of the season!

Back at the parking lot I had a bit of bike envy as even the junior racers were outfitted with carbon wheels, with bikes that matched their kits, socks, shoes, helmets…the other women had aero helmets and skinsuits.  Roadies look good!  My aluminum bike was certainly nothing special but I’ve never had the money or reason to upgrade; it’s never done me wrong!

The women’s field was tiny but I ended up third to a track world record holder and a state RR/TT champion..not bad company at all!  Now I have an itch to race the skinny tires again.

Thanks to Pro Bikes, Joe E. and the spectators along the course for cheering, and the Asheville Women’s Cycling Club for putting on a great event and PAYING EQUALLY!  I’m already looking forward to next year!

I didn’t have a mountain bike race this weekend so I volunteered at the  Carolina Youth Mountain Bike League race on Sunday.  This is the first year for the series and I think it’s so great that kids have an opportunity to have fun while exercising and learn about cycling.  I didn’t discover mountain biking until I was 24; I only wish I had it growing up!

11-12 year olds toeing the line!

I was the sweeper and followed behind the race, fixing dropped chains, chasing off some hissing geese that were on the course and helping with morale and hydration.  The kids were super tough (and for once I wasn’t the shortest one there..haha)!

the course was mostly wooded singletrack with a cyclocross vibe

The course was a fun, challenging mile-long loop and the temperatures were in the 80’s and humid.  I lost track of how many loops I did but I had a lot of fun.  I hope to get more involved with the series in the future!

After the morning races I took a new friend to Pisgah for the first time and we had a great time on Laurel>Pilot Rock.  Then Dave and I met some friends of ours for his early birthday celebration: an extravagant five-course dinner!  The weekend was pretty much perfect.

wow, a picture without spandex!

Now that it’s over, the cold I was on the verge of catching has taken full force.  I hope I can recover in time to race next weekend…


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