on the move…again

When I needed a vacation the most I got…an unexpected move!  Life certainly knows how to stay interesting.  Fortunately this time I moved 2 miles instead of 800!  After moving 9 times in as many years, doing it again was the last thing I planned for, but it was beyond my control.  Dave and I were finally feeling settled in and it was very stressful to suddenly uproot everything once again…

However there is a silver lining and our new place is not only brand new (we are the first tenants!) it is ON the Pisgah National Forest map!  We were extremely lucky to find a good rental on such short notice.  Not only is it close to the trails but our new home is off one of the few designated bike routes and we can easily commute by bike into town.

I can’t believe it’s already (only?) been a year that I’ve lived in Asheville but I love it.  Though the details of my address may change I think it’s safe to say that I’m not going anywhere for a while…

photo: Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

When I was packing up my old place I saw a lady on my street teaching her grandson how to ride a bike.  The bike was way too big and he kept crashing.  He got frustrated and they gave up trying…

The next day I saw the kid fly down the street on his bike, alone and happy and he continued to ride it every day.  It has been about 20 years but I still remember the feeling of riding a bike for the first time.  It is the feeling of freedom.


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