Catching Up…

When my last post was published in the beginning of May I was about to race the Whiskey Off-Road in Prescott, Arizona.  My season was off to a great start and I had a queue of race reports to write up.  Three days after I returned to North Carolina, I was hit with the worst illness I’ve ever experienced for several weeks (more on this later).  Now a month has passed and I am finally starting the road to recovery, ready to write again…

For much of May I was too sick to blog and when it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to ride, much less race anytime soon I was too discouraged to write my reports.  Currently the rest of the summer season is on hold and my big plans for the  Mont-Sainte-Anne/Windham World Cups and MTB Nationals are canceled.

As disappointing and frustrating this has been, I have had lots of time to think and renew my outlook on and love of racing.  It demands so much more than simply training and showing up at the starting line; with Dave’s support I’ve really worked hard to shape my life (our lives, really) around the sport, both making sacrifices so that I have a chance to rise to the next level.  It’s been a huge struggle and I am so lucky and thankful to have the additional support of our family, friends, my coach, Gordy Paulson and Speed Cycling, massage therapist Tavis Cummings, Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech Training team sponsors Jay Hirst and O’Neill Ryan.

Hopefully the entire road/mountain bike season is not compromised but there will be more to look forward to once I am healthy again.  In the meantime, I still have lots of stories from the early season to share.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned…I promise the next post will come quickly!




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